Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'be Bin Sick Wid Da Code

I started feeling it last Tuesday and fended it off unti Saturday, at which point I collapsed into bed and couldn't get up. My sweet daughter made these cards for me, which really did make me feel better! Isn't that the sweetest? Sorry they are blurry, the camera is giving me trouble. If you double click on the pic, you can get a close up, but this is what the note says, "GET WELL MOM! Dear Mom I love you I hope you feel Better for work. Thak you for leting us get a prestent on your first pay chack. Hope you feel Better by Monday. Love you Emi" Awwwwww!
I got my first pay check on Friday so I told the kids to celebrate they could get presents. This was very exciting for all of us. Kai got a book and Emi got a CD. By today, I was feeling a lot better. I even made dinner for two families that I had agreed to do earlier in the week. I made salmon, so it was very easy. I got one of those big giant filets from Costco, I think it weighed 3.5 lbs. Then I got some foil and put it in a 9 x 13" pan. I put the salmon in and melted a few tablespoons of butter, threw in 3 cloves of mashed garlic and poured it over, added some salt and baked it for 15 mins. uncovered in a 450 degree oven. Voila! It was so yummy! We had it with mashed potatoes and salad in a bag. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies (from the tube) for dessert for everyone. Simple!

I even squeezed in a little knitting. This is the bamboo yarn "bubbly curtain" from Mason-Dixon Knitting that is going in my cubie. Again, sorry for the blurriness. I like how it is coming out and it is a fun knit. My experience with knitting lace (if that's what you want to call this curtain) got so much easier when I finally broke out my magnetic board. I'll post more about it with pics tomorrow because it is such a cool device and is just another one of those tools that you wonder how you managed without it (actually, I remember how I used to manage without it -- I tore my hair out and swore and threw things because I couldn't keep track of where I was on my pattern).

News Update: I am going to the Reunion. Repeat. I am going to the Reunion. When I wondered aloud to my friend Deliese how I was going to 1) get skinny, 2) get rich and 3) find a cute guy to walk in there with in less than three weeks, she wrote back and said this: "1) weight loss - why?, when we can just wear black 2) get rich - I think Target has some cubic zirconia rings that look the part 3) cute guy - flash pictures of your adorable kids, that will take care of that " Now you know why I hung out with her. She's the voice of reason, plus she's really funny.


At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Chaun said...

I'm sorry you've been sick, I had that cold & it was a killer!
Glad to see you are doing alright with your job & I must see the bubble curtain thingy in person! Hope to see you soon! Feel better ;o)


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