Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Little FO

OK, so I snuck a little project in there before getting to that second sock. It's coming, it''s coming, don't worry. This is a beret pattern from Greetings from Knit Cafe and the yarn is Blue Skies Alpaca Silk, in "Sapphire". I don't know why they called the color "sapphire." It is so not sapphire. It's lighter and has more green than you see in the picture. This is my first beret and I like the way it came out. Very cute. I can hardly wait to see how it looks on the person I made it for. And I just may have to make one for my daughter because it looks adorable on her. I would have had her model it, but she was already in bed asleep. I briefly considered putting it on her and taking a picture while she was sleeping, but something about that just seemed so, well, perverse. Maybe I should get one of those styrofoam heads to model the hats on. Until then, this little guy will have to do.

I have a problem with making things for my kids. The problem is they hardly ever wear what I make. Anyone else have that problem? If you make something for someone and you don't live with them, then you don't see how much they aren't wearing it. Ignorance really is bliss when it comes to handknits, I suppose. But when they live with you and you have to fight with them to wear it, well that just gets old after a while. Probably the worst one was this fabulous hooded sweatshirt, a Wonderful Wallabee that I made for Kai in this beautiful shade of blue Cotton Fleece. The name of the color was "Emperor's Robe" and it was this beautiful, vibrant deep blue. Then there's the cute, colorful, funky knee socks I knit for Emi. She fell in love with the yarn at the store. Now she tells me "the colors are too weird." And there's all number of hats, slippers and scarves and they are all either gathering dust or tucked in the back of a drawer.

Still, the sight of my daughter in that beret was too precious. And they have that Alpaca Silk in the sweetest shade of light pink. I guess it's like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football. I just keep thinking maybe it'll be different this time. Posted by Picasa


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