Friday, September 08, 2006

Believe Me, I Tried To Get You A Picture!

Last night I was so pleased to come home from work and see a post from Anonymous who writes: I know your busy but your interfering with my addiction to your posts! What's going on? I like your blog better than Korean Soaps. guess who? So I wrote this great reply and I got all set to publish it and for some dad-blasted reason hit the "back" button instead of the "publish" button and lost the whole thing. I was so frustrated and depressed that I just went to bed.

Anyway, I have only this to say about the comment: K-Soaps rock! I have received the ultimate compliment! If you've never seen them, you really must. They are very similar to Lays Potato chips: You can't watch just one. And they have absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. If K-Soaps were food, they'd be full of transfats. Korean Soap Operas are mini-series that have aired on Korean television and there seem to be a neverending stream of them. Many of them are tear-jerkers and the stories just suck you in. I like the fact that they are G or PG-rated, (much more so than the stuff you see on American TV) and they are fluffy, not stuffy. I'd say if you are a fan of the movie The Notebook, you'd probably be a good candidate for the K-soaps. If you hated The Notebook and thought it was really corny, you might want to steer clear. And if you want to see them, let me know and I'll hook you up with my Dad. He has the biggest library of K-Soaps known to mankind, I think. Anyway, I'm just kidding about that. Not about the size of the K-soap library, but that he would lend them out to you. He guards those things like they were gold. And if you borrow them and don't return them he cuts you out of the lending loop. 'Nuff said.

OK, and of course I have to just take a guess at who wrote that sly, MISCHIEVOUS comment: Does your name start with an "R?" Are you crazy about penguins? Thought so! Yes, I'm putting my money on the post coming from my niece - a charming, funny, cute and extremely talented 15 year-old. She is an accomplished artist, musician, athlete AND gets straight As! I know by now if you haven't met her you're thinking I'm biased, but really I'm not! Oh yeah and get this: SHE KNITS! And despite all her talents, gifts and abilities, she is still completely down-to-earth and likable (although who knows if anyone will be able to live with her after reading this post!)

And you can't say I didn't try: I have been trying to upload a photo of my latest knitting progress for the past hour and Blogger won't let me. Well, actually, it did once, but I messed it up and accidentally erased it (only this time I had saved a draft!) but now it won't let me upload the pic again! I guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow. And who knows, by then maybe I can get a picture that ISN'T blurry.


At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Chauntel said...

You really need to use Hello for your pics to avoid that evil blogger deleting thing that happens way too often!
I have my one hour of weakness a day, GH. For over 10 years now. I didn't start until I was married, why it sucked me in then who knows!

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Rosie said...

Hi Auntie Laura! That was nice what you said about me in your blog. I didn't leave that comment, though! But I do read your blog all the time. I was laughing out loud at that part about Grandpa and his K-soap library!!

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Chauntel: I used to watch GH in college -- back in the Luke and Laura days! It's so funny to tune in nowadays and see how OLD everyone's gotten (guess they'd say the same about me). You, my dear, are the perfect candidate for K-soaps! You and Tracy would get hooked in a heartbeat! I'll hook you up with one or two if you PROMISE to return it (it's my Dad's -- shhh!)

Rosie: I though FOR SURE that was you! So if not you, then who? I am enlisting your supersleuthing skills to help me figure it out. It HAS to be someone we both know! Not too many people know about my K-soap addiction OR my blog, much less both of them!


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