Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello Blogworld!

Here it is: a scarf, from Mason-Dixon Knitting, for my niece. I used Crystal Palace mohair merino and some ribbon yarn I had laying around.
I loved it so much I asked my friend Julie, who is opening a knitting store if I could make a sample for her store using the same pattern. That one is coming out beautifully -- Douceur et Soie and Colinette Giotto. Lovely.
Her store is slated to open in a couple of weeks and all us SNBers are all aflutter over the whole thing. I recently worked for a knitting store that went out of business that was located in the same spot as where she is opening. My dream job. Of course, it made perfect sense for me to transfer over to work for my SNB buddy when she made the decision to take over. But the dissolution of my marriage and the ensuing fallout kinda messed everything up. I'm knee deep in family matters and survival mode at the moment. Working part time at a yarn store right now just doesn't seem to be in my immediate future. Sigh.
So, anyway I thought I'd join in the masses and start up my own blog after all these years of gleaning ideas and inspiration, lurking, commenting, and wasting countless hours readings other people's blogs. I mean, what better time to start a blog?

We'll see how this goes. Posted by Picasa


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