Saturday, September 09, 2006

Slowly But Surely

I don't know why, but my many attempts to upload this photo from Blogger have not worked. It looks as if it is loading....then all that comes up is a blank. I finally went to Picasa and hit the button that says "Blog This!" Apparently, it works. This blurry picture is a picture of the scarf from Mason-Dixon Knitting that I am making for Knit and Pearl, our newest Santa Barbara knit shop. (Note to self: get a better camera and learn how to use it.) Anyway, the scarf is made from Colinette Giotto and Douceur et Soir. I am having a hard time finishing it since I just made one for Rosie for her birthday. I better just bite the bullet and finish it though. The store is set to open THIS WEEK! Hooray! Hallelujah!

On other knitting news, I decided to start a new sock, mindless knitting to take with me since I had the perfect opportunity to knit-in-public today. I had to attend a 3-1/2 hour class today. I got a good start on it and am in the process of turning the heel.

So, this class. Apparently, if you are getting divorced (or legally separated as in my case), the Court mandates that you take and pay ($50) for a class that wrenches your heart out called Children in the Middle. There were a lot of PO'd people, mad that the government would force them to take a class concerning a topic they feel perfectly capable of handling themselves. And they were pretty vocal about it. I don't know. I kept thinking about all neglected kids out there and the parents who totally aren't thinking about their kids or are using the kids as a way to get back at their former spouse. It's hard not to do, when you're angry in the moment, even when you know it's wrong.

Even though I had a hard time putting aside a whole afternoon for something like that PLUS shovel out hard-earned money to do it, in the end I didn't see it as an afternoon wasted. Except for the part about listening to a few self-righteous, arrogant self-absorbed blow-hards who have to keep raising their hands to let everyone know that THEY have it all together and 'besides, the kids are going to be okay because *everyone* these days is getting a divorce anyway.' I say if *everyone* had to get their left toe cut off it wouldn't make it any less painful. Families don't come with serrated fold-and-tear edges. No, they just kind of get ripped apart. There's not much of a way around the pain. And if I can get something out of it that can help ease my children's suffering, or if someone else hears something and it helps them help their kids, well then it's worth it. Posted by Picasa


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