Monday, October 02, 2006

Bringin' On The Bubbly

I made some progress on the bubbly curtain this evening. OK, can someone tell me why I can't seem to recreate the same color effects that I had from yesterday's photo of the bubbly curtain? Everything is the same, but it is coming out with the colors all yellow and wrong. Frustrating, I tell you. If you look below at the picture of the magnetic board, you can see what I mean. Taken five minutes apart. Same position, same background, same lighting, same everything. But all of a sudden, everything is all indoor-lighting flash-photo yellow for the curtain picture. I am stymied.

I am so tired, but I promised to blog on the magnetic board. So here it is:

You can see it is not a big deal, but it is really a very helpful tool. I took the chart from the book and enlarged it so that I would not have to strain my aging eyes. Then I just put it on the chart and move the ruler up every time I complete a row. Voila! I am humming on my curtain! I must say I love this bamboo yarn. I like the drape and the feel of it as it is being knit up. And it comes in great colors. A bit spendy though at $15. per ball, in my opinion. But I think it would make a really heavenly cardigan. I imagine bell shaped sleeves, a V-shaped front and a smooth A-line shape. Maybe I should try my hand at designing? Well, let me get through a few unfinished projects first.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Chauntel said...

I do think a flow-y cardigan out of the bamboo would be fabulous but talk about $$$!!


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