Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back in Bid'ness

I very carefully read Leslie and Lisa's comments regarding the supposedly simple task of removing the cover of my computer to fish out the errant memory card. I say supposedly simple task because the thought of getting down on the ground and scrutinizing that mysterious black box made my head hurt. Thank goodness for 12 year old sons! On Mother's Day no less!

He had a bout with some bad clam chowder the other night, poor thing. (I just can't help but thank goodness it ended up on ex's pillow and not mine. Hee-hee!) He looked all pale and peaked this morning, not up for church. As I was leaving I asked if he could puh-lease help a poor mom out and try and figure out how to get the cover off and fish out the pesky memory card. Came home two hours later and was greeted at the door with pale but grinning son, memory card in hand. Yahoo! Hooray for sons!

It's been like this ever since he was five. I clearly remember the moment it happened. It was either Christmas or his birthday and he had just received his favorite gift -- a Lego. It was labeled as being for 8 years and older and it was quite an honor to have received such an advanced Lego for a gift. A little unsure of his ability to build a Lego that required such advanced qualifications, he asked if I could help him build it. Sure, no problem. A little Mommy/son time. So we set out. About four steps into it, as I am happily bonding with my son and building the Lego one step at a time, just like the pictures in the little instruction booklet, he interrupts my happy moment.

"No, Mom. You're doing it wrong."
"What? Of course it's not wrong!"
"Mom, you're putting that piece on the bottom. It goes on the top."
"Oh Mom, never mind, you're messing it up. Here, let me."

It was a painful moment. The day that Mom-The-All-Knowing tumbled from her Throne of Omniscience. My son took it in stride. I, however have never really quite recovered.

In any case, I have pics.

First up, I wanted to show you the wonderful yarn that was gifted to my by the wonderful Sea Sock crew. On the right is the hand-dyed yarn from Mama-E. There were three beautiful colorways. I liked this one. It's called Sea Sick. Love it. I'm all about the socks these days. And you know what? That is not all we got. No sirree! They had these adorable knitting bags chock full of goodies! An adorable notebook with a ziplock pouch attached! A pen! Sock patterns! Yarn! A little canvas knitting bag to carry our sock projects! Let me tell you we were pammmmm-purred!

At Marin Fiber Arts I also picked up a beautiful skein of Mama-E's sock yarn in a colorway called Driftwood. Gorgeous. It was my travel knitting. That and some raffia I had picked up at A Mano in LA before I left. I hate to tell you what happened. Left. It. On. The. Ship. I KNOW! Shoot me! Put me out of my misery! I called the ship's Lost and Found first thing on Monday. Haven't heard anything. I refuse to give up hope. I am praying that it returns to me.

I also picked this up at Marin Fiber Arts. It's a skein of Claudia Handpaints Laceweight Silk. I believe the colorway is called "Pistachio." It is luminous. As per usual, the pics do not do it justice. I LOOOOOVE it! I saw this beautiful shawl on the cruise and I was told the pattern is called "Wing of the Moth." Someday, my friend, someday. But first I need to build up my lace chops.

Next up, my goodies from Beehive Wool in Victoria. That shop is a veritable Fleece Artist extravaganza, let me tell you. This is a skein of Peter Rabbit angora that I am making into a simple scarf in a 1 x 1 rib. The halo is extraordinary.

This is another skein of Peter Rabbit that I fell in love with. I know it looks a little like baby yarn, but I simply could not resist. It is not a blurry photo. That is the halo, I tell you.

Sadly, I forgot to photograph a skein of Sea wool Bordello Sock yarn that I brought back for my sister. Beautiful stuff. I have got to get my hands on some more.

And here is my crowning glory. A big o' skein of sea silk in a beautiful shade of blue/green. Enough to make the Storm Water Shawl. From the picture on the label I was pretty much unimpressed with this shawl. It just looked sort of ho-hum to me. But they had it made up at Beehive Wool and let me tell you, I was smitten. It is GOR-GEOUS! The movement! The Drape! Seriously. Had. To. Have It! Then That Eunny totally enabled me and told me I had to have it. So then of course, I did. Seriously-- if Eunny Jang told you that you just had to have that yarn and make that shawl, wouldn't you? You would, trust me.


At 6:53 AM, Blogger spinsterbat said...

you know that i would too.

and the scarf is looking so good--are you happy with the colors? and no call back from royal carribean? boo! I hope that you son is feeling better.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Abby said...

I'm so glad you bought the Sea Silk! I just made a shawl with some and I'm addicted to it now.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous chauntel said...

I have already signed up for the cruise in '08! Registration opened, I registered! I hope you are going again next year, it would be a blast!
And that silk lace yarn looks absolutely delicious!
I have to say, the sea silk sure looks tempting but I am not sure I could bring myself to pay for it & then have it sit in my stash for ages.
And, the sons outgrowing the moms thing is a hard one. Luckily for me, both are not out of needing my help although I am so over the whining!!!
Great to see all your stuff & it would be great to get together sometime soon.
Thursday nights are always good!!

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Lisa L said...

Had I remembered that you had a 12 yr old son I would have definitely recommended asking him to open up the computer!;-) Beautiful beautiful yarn - I am so jealous!

At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Bette said...

I still have your medicine cups for the kids so e-mail me your address and I'll send them to you. Who knew I wasn't going to run into you on the last day. I'm in love with my Sea Silk but am working up my lace skills and need to learn how to do that two ball cast on first of all. It's an understatement to say I enjoyed the cruise and sharing dinner seating with you. I've already signed for next year.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

Oh no! Raffia left behind?!? Hope that it eventually finds it's way back to you.


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