Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Down, 30 To Go

The three pounds of the original 5 lost that came back were gone this morning when I stepped on the scale. Giving up all that flour and sugar should be good for something! No one has said anything and my clothes still fit the same, but I do feel better, even though I can tell I am fighting some kind of bug. I think the bug-fighting has more to do with the fact that I have been going gang-busters for the past two weeks without rest.

I worked a full week before Easter, then put in a 12-hour day preparing for Easter Sunday down in the Children's Ministry on Saturday. On Easter Sunday, I was all up-and-bouncy in my role as 5-6 grade Sunday School Lady. I'm really glad that I don't have to be like the church lady from the old Dana Carvey SNL skits. I get to be me. No clucking and finger wagging here. We had a great service, but when it was over, I was ready to crash. Instead we headed out to my friend's mom's house for Easter dinner. She had gone to all this trouble and even made up Easter baskets for the kids but it was a 45 minute drive to their house. I sucked it up and headed out there and have pretty much been jello-brained ever since.

Monday and Tuesday Emi was sick and I tried out working from home. I have a job that is 90% on the computer, so I can work from home. This was one of the reasons it was so appealing to me. But working from home is no picnic. I feel truly obligated to put in that 8-hour day but there are so many interruptions. Both nights I finished my work at 11 pm. The upside was that my kids didn't have to go to afterschool care and I got to make them nice homemade dinners. Plus, I got some serious errand-running done.

Wednesday through Friday were regular work days. On Friday night Emi had a sleep-over, then on Saturday little 5 year old Elise came over to play with Emi and her friend Manon. Then it was on to a birthday party where I was wrangled in to being the face-painting lady. It would have been very fun but the face-paints were those oil-based gloppy kind and were hard to manage. I was so tuckered out by the time that was over, I fell asleep while Emi and I were enjoying movie rental night together. I think today was a good recovery day. I fell alsleep on the couch for a good hour and I must had got 10 hours of sleep last night. Perhaps by tomorrow I'll be ready to face a new day.

And of course through it all there has been knitting and all the work it takes to procrastinate on housework.

I have managed to stick to the diet very well. You would think there would be a higher weight loss payoff for so steadfastly avoiding such temptations as birthday cake, ice-cream, all the Easter candy, the after Easter-service spread that included these incredible looking frosted cupcakes, lemon squares, pastry squares, chocolate goodies and croissant sandwiches to name a few. Then there were the Easter dinner rolls, pizza, naan (Indian flat bread, my faaaaavorite), donuts at work, cookies after meetings, let me tell you the temptations are everywhere!

The good news is that I have not gone hungry and although I occasionally crave sweets, this really feels healthy and livable. Headaches are now officially gone. It took two weeks.

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At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 30 to go? Well, that's not too bad, Laura. I STILL have 30 to go, after 36 lbs. having already gone. But I warned you, the numbers don't go down that quickly. But you stayed away from all of those Easter goodies. If you would have eaten those holiday goodies, you might be UP a couple of pounds, which wouldn't make you happy. You have had a crazy two weeks of non-stop activity--it was making me tired just reading about it. Take care. Hang in there. The cruise is closer every day. I told my painting teacher and class last week that I might go on a knitting cruise in 2008 and they said, "Oh boy, THAT sure sounds like a lot of fun---a bunch of women sitting around knitting!" And they all laughed and laughed! I told them they're just jealous and they laughed at that too. They totally cannot fathom how EXCITING a knitting cruise would be--I'm so glad that you and I know the excitement and joy knitting brings! Bye, Laura! YIPP, Julie

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Let's just say I'll be happy to get there. Perhaps then I can "renegotiate." In 35 lbs. at least then I'll match my driver's license. I don't even want to be skinny anymore. The skinniest I've ever been is 45 lbs. less than I am right now. I think it lasted all of 5 minutes after a bad break up. As good as it looked, I don't think my body really liked being that thin. Looked good in pictures though!

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Ana said...

It is so easy to gain the weight and sooooo hard to lose it!

I too have been fighting the pounds and I too feel so much better when I stay away from sugar and white flour!

But I really like sugar and white flour,...... oh well..

See you on the cruise!


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