Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This Is Definitely More Than Detoxing

Last week I decided to undertake a new diet. The diet is actually more of a change in how I've decided to eat from here on in. After hearing from my Internet pal Julie that she lost 36 lbs (!) by eating this way, I was convinced to try it. Basically, she cut all added sugar and flour products from her diet. Period. I did a mental tally. My favorite foods almost all include sugar or flour of some sort. I love bread, especially thick, crusty ciabattas, pasta, cookies, candy, cakes, muffins, bagels and pastries. The "diet" does allow potatoes, rice, corn, meat, fruit and of course, veggies. Hey, if nothing else, even if I didn't lose an ounce, I figured I'd get this sugar monkey off my back once and for all. The diet is outlined in a book called Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet. (Thanks, Julie! She sent me a copy of the book!) Basically, it is so simple, you really don't need the book. You look at labels and avoid anything with added sugar or flour of any kind. More difficult in some ways than you might think. Easier if you live near a Trader Joe's.

Within the first two days, I lost 5 lbs. So I decided to stick with it. I have been eating with such unbridled lack of self-control for so many years that I felt spacy, strange and disoriented the first few days. I have had a dull, throbbing headache for most of the remainder of the past week, but you also have to remember, I was hit broadside with some devastating personal news, so I can't really tell which is detox and which is shell-shock.

Yesterday at work, I just could not concentrate. It felt like more than just "not wanting to work." I just could not seem to focus. I was hungry but could not get full, craving sugar and just generally frustrated and uneasy. This morning, as usual, my alarm went off at 6:30. I could not get up. At 8:00, I realized that I better call my supervisor at work. I called in sick, even though I could not explain my symptoms,other than a headache and general malaise, rolled over and fell asleep. The next time I looked at the clock, it was noon!

Now I am up, still in my pajamas and it is 1:30 pm. The kids are with Kevin until tomorrow, so I am going to take this day to catch up on housework, blogging, and just generally putter. I just wish this throbbing headache would go away. I really think that the malaise is actually not related to the diet. Besides the wicked headache, I have felt more energetic, lighter and well, just better.

Here's some knitting content:

I decided that the impending cruise was the best reason I could think of to finally get my needles organized. As if on cue, Clara from Knitter's Review wrote about needle cases. She linked to an earlier review that I had seen but forgotten about using soft tackle fishing binders for needle cases. Being a woman of few means and no frills, this appealed to me, even more than the kitschy/chic ones of her most recent review. With my frugality in tow, I clicked over to the Bass Pro Shops website and after much deliberating, clicked and purchased this:
I love it. No, I am not in love with royal blue, nor am I enamored of the flying bass emblazoned across the front. And somehow the words "EXTREME worm binder" just don't quite set right with me.
But I LOVE the plastic ziplock binder pages, and the fact that ALL my knitting tools fit within the pockets. I love the flatness and portability of it.

I didn't want to write on my ziploc pages. What if I decide to change its use? So I printed out and laminated the needle sizes and taped them to the inside of the bag. I'm thinking I would love it more if I could sew a knitting or knitted patch over the flying bass. Suggestions?

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At 1:27 PM, Blogger Rachel said...


The symptoms that you are describing make me think that the diet has put you into something called ketosis. What happens is that your body is having to manufacture carbohydrates from the fat AND muscle that you have stored to keep your brain functioning and to continue to make new red blood cells, among other things. It's really dangerous, and not something that you want your body to be doing long term. It will cause weight loss, but not in a healthy way. The first week of Atkins puts your body into this state too (when you are consuming less that 20g of carbs/day).

Not trying to bring you down or poo-poo this diet, but maybe just try having some more fuit? 5 a day is recommended, and it'll probably help you feel much better. PLus you'll get fiber, vitamins and minerals and all that good stuff too (but not juice, be sure to eat the whole fuit)!

Hope you feel better soon!


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