Saturday, April 14, 2007

which is which?

This is Emi and her buddy Manon. They met last year at school. This year they are in the same class. The teacher has a hard time telling them apart and will often mix them up. Especially when they dress the same! They have fun fooling people. Manon had a sleep over last night and I thought the girls looked so cute in their little Hello Kitty pjs.

Here is something I am whipping out for the school auction. Kai's class is assembling a travel suitcase with all kinds of cute travel items. I thought I'd contribute an eye pillow. It is a basic cylinder with my now-favorite cast-on for a closed tube (think sock toes, glasses cases, hey, maybe even a hat!). I plan to take a knee high (don't worry, a never-been-used one) and lightly pack it with flax seed and lavendar buds. Then I will cut and sew it to a length that fits in the pillow, then I will kitchener the pillow closed. Voila! Eye pillow! I actually am loving this yarn. It is Lion Brand Incredible in the colorway Autumn Leaves. I loved it so much I picked up 10 balls of it at Michael's. I had to. They were $2.00 each. Don't ask me about knitting from my stash. Anyway, I have visions of a simple bell-sleeved cardigan. Loose stitches. Maybe even drop-stitch. Like one of those 'sixties crocheted vests but with stockinette sleeves. I even like the idea of the crochet-chain tie at the bust. We'll see.

By the way, maybe you're wondering how my diet is going. I no longer eat sugar or flour. It has been over two weeks. Why oh, why is the scale creeping up? I lost 5 lbs. right away. After horrible withdrawals, mondo headaches and just a general yuckiness-feeling, I have crept back up three lbs. I am sure I am eating less. I am not eating absent-mindedly. I am not stuffing myself. Go figure. I think I may not be eating enough vegies. I'm doing fine with fruit. Maybe too many nuts? But I guess I need to concentrate more on vegies. Is this a balance thing? The book didn't make it seem like it was. But it would be pretty depressing to cut all the joy out of eating only to gain more weight, let me tell you.

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