Friday, May 11, 2007

The Dog Ate My Homework

This is a terribly embarrassing post. I feel a need to tell you why I haven't posted lately. The other night I set out to post some pictures of all the yarn and goodies I picked up on the cruise. Sounds like a good idea, right? OK, so when it came time to plug the memory card into my computer, I accidentally slipped it into the wrong slot. A bigger slot. It sat, suspended loosely in that wafer thin opening, the little card mere millimeters thinner, I immediately realized what I had done. I swore and grabbed something to try and coax it out. A paper clip. Doing my best Maguyver imitation, I deftly unfolded the paper clip and set to carefully fish it out. I instead managed to push it in further and then heard the telltale clinking sound as it dropped to the bottom of the inside of my computer. Sigh. So there it sits until I figure out how to somehow open up my computer and fish it out.

Does that sound any better than "the dog ate my homework?" It's the truth. Sorry. I'll get pics up as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I am keeping busy preparing for Emi's 8th birthday party. We are having a "craft" party in the backyard. We are going to do different crafts in rotations. Macrame bracelets, pompom animals, cards with pretty paper and stickers, and I think decorated cookies. She and I are so excited we can hardly stand it. When I get the memory card fished out of the computer, I'll post a picture of the invitations we made that I decided would be a fun craft for the girls to make at the party.



At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Leslie said...

If you have a desktop, just unscrew the outer shell and it should lift off, and then you'll see all the inner workings. Hopefully you'll be able to retrieve your paperclip. Been there, done that. Thankfully, I have a fearless, mechanically inclined husband! Good luck McGyver!

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Lisa L said...

I agree - just go ahead and open up the computer! Unplug it first though! Mine has a little button in the back that loosens everything up and then a couple of screws and you're in! You'll probably be shocked by all of the dust in there . . .


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