Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hat Crazy

For some reason, I have gone hat-crazy. I'm so sorry to be photo-less. I really don't like reading blogs without pics, but there you have it. It started out I made a nice beanie for a guy at work out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in blue. He walked around showing it to everyone, then the requests started coming in. One guy wanted a beanie with a visor. Another wanted one with stripes. I have all this extra yarn laying around, so I really don't mind. They keep telling me to charge them for them, but I don't want to. I like to make them. When I'm getting paid to make them, it somehow sucks all the fun out of it and then I put it off. This way, I can make them on my own time. I really don't like to be told what to do when it comes to my knitting. Suggestions are okay. Requests, I take. Orders, no. Then I saw this. I actually saw it on this blog first and had to make one for my son. It was in black and white and spelled his name in binary code. In between, my best friend asked for a hat and took a dive into my stash and came up with what looked like just enough Noro Kureyon to squeak out a hat. Finished that last night. Somewhere in there, the wheels started turning in my mind. You see, my Pastor is preparing to go on a 40-day fast. I wanted to support him and pray for him during that time, but I started thinking: wouldn't it be cool to knit him a prayer hat? Like a prayer shawl, only a hat. I took another dive and found some Karabella Aurora 8, one skein of cream and one skein of a deep rich olive green. And I got this really exciting idea for a hat. I'm going to try it. And if it works, you'll see it here, even if it has to be a bad picture with the bad camera.

I'm trying to also solve the visor hat puzzle. How to insert the visor and make it sit perpendicular to the hat, rather than facing straight down. I'm working on it. I came up with a version, but I'm going to have to modify. Can you hear the wheels turning? I can. It's all rusty and squeaky. But do you see what I mean by hat crazy?


At 4:52 AM, Blogger KP said...

You might check out SNB Nation book - there is a newsboy hat with a visor - might give you some ideas.


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