Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting Knews

I have a few fo's but can't show them to you due to broken camera. OK, OK I hear you. You're saying "Go. Take that camera in." (OK, maybe you're saying it without that dangling preposition, but I know what you mean. And you know what I mean.) I hereby promise to get in to Sears ASAP to see about that warranty with the camera. There. The camera is now in my purse, ready to stop off at Sears at a moment's notice.

I made a hat for Emi out of fun color-changing yarn. I never save the labels. And then I made one for Kai, but it came out too girly looking. Interestingly, it did not look girly on Kevin, so he took it. Then I cranked out another one for Kai and it came out very nice. I had all this Microspun laying around, so I bought some Babysoft on sale at Michael's for $2.50 a skein and started one of these in the blue shade. Last, but certainly not least, I have begun to knit myself a little phone case for my adorable phone. With pocket, for the bluetooth. It is fair isle and will be felted. I'm using Cascade Pastaza from the stash. Oh -- and I finished Figgy's blanket. As you can see, I have really bad knitting ADD. There will be pics coming, I promise. Unless of course, I am out of luck with the camera.

I have been really busy, so I am hoping to be able to keep up with my blog. There is a Christmas play with the kids at church and I have agreed to help. I am sort of in charge of "set design" but I can see the writing on the wall. Let's just say that I am prepared to be wearing many hats. Actually, it's kind of fun. You get all sleep deprived and sort of live at the church. Different people drift in and out and help and you brainstorm and you plan and draw and paint and eat lots of Taco Bell and think until your brain hurt. You pray constantly and especially when nerves get frazzled or some disaster is narrowly missed. You get really close to people, their kids become like your kids and though the stress level can get high, it can also be really exhilirating and exciting and fun. So I'm gearing up.

I am really kind of enjoying work too. Even though there is an extremely high level of disfunctionality going on there. Here's an example: there are like, 20 guys there and about 6 women and the bathrooms are shared. OK, I don't mean co-ed like several stalls or anything. There are two bathrooms, one on each end of the trailer. (Sigh. Yes, I work in a trailer. And yes, it is as ghetto as it sounds.) Each of them have one toilet but on the door is one of those men/women symbols. That is just wrong. Anyway, in spite of the many annoyances like the bathroom issue, the ghetto-ness of the work space, the fact that there is a high level of testosterone and at times you hear things you'd really rather not, kind of like having your cubicle located in a men's locker room. Despite all that, I am really kind of enjoying work. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just kind of like it. The work can be difficult, dealing with difficult people, but we keep it light and laugh and get outraged at the manipulations that people try to pull and we get in spirited arguments, but in a fun way and well, it's just FUN! So that's a good thing. One day I would love to write a sit-com about that place. It is just so rich with characters. I really want to tell you about them. But it'll have to wait.


At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am actually slightly jealous you are making that wonderful little garter stitch blanket! I have a newborn and an upcoming baby to make something for. That blanket looks so soft and cuddly. :)

As far as unisex bathrooms go, I hear ya sistah! Our bathroom is open to anyone who comes to our showroom. Can't tell you how many times that bathroom gets cleaned a day just by the woman that work in the office. Some people just can't control themselves in there!

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Leslie said...

Laura, from a friend to a friend, fix the dang camera. I'm photo dependent! I do like the idea of a sitcom. I always wanted to write one about my FIL and husband's business. It was on the level of a white Sanford and Son. Hilarious! Take care, girl.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Chauntel said...

Oh yes! That blanket is so scrumptious! And it sure would be nice to have pics but digital cameras can be so finicky. Isn't being a knitter being ADD naturally?? It sure seems like it! We ADD knitters must band together!

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Carrie K said...

Yes, fix the camera! And that's exactly the way I would say it, dangling preposition and all.

Work sounds entertaining at least! I can handle un-PC'ness if it's not hatefully motivated.


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