Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I Would Have Blogged About

Well let's see. I finished a long-languishing UFO, a sweater. (Came out too big, in case you were wondering.) Refrained from buying yarn, although I did purchase a pattern for a sweater (Oat Couture Bistro shirt) and finally broke down and bought the Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl pattern. Saw my first Dodger game. Nursed my daughter back to health (she had a bout with strep). Saw my BFF's daughter get married at the beach. Celebrated my niece's Sweet 16. Got to see the Ballet with her and my kids. (Othello, if you must know. My daughter leaned in to me halfway into the first act as the lead did his first solo and whispered loudly, in all seriousness and with a very concerned tone, "Mommy -- I think that man forgot to wear his underpants!") Fried my shoulders at the beach. Moved my office down the hall. Watered the garden. Harvested a few more green beans. Washed never-ending piles of laundry, especially sandy beach towels. And how could I forget: I helped to start and have been attending a new knit group! We meet on-campus on Thursdays at lunchtime. There is this great room with couches and lots of chairs. I'm meeting a whole new knitting community out at the university! Knitters are always so much fun!
J called me yesterday to let me know the computer is fixed. I should be up and running by tomorrow (we couldn't connect today). See you then, hopefully I'll post a few pics.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

False Idol Exposed

Another Post from the Work Front, Day 30:
I think it was about 4 or 5 days ago. Withdrawal set in. A deep longing down in the pit of my being. A sadness, a melancholy that came from...out of nowhere. There I was, at home, working on a long-neglected cardigan. Suddenly I was deeply, inexplicably lonely. From the depths of my being, a sob wrenched through me as I hoarsely whispered out loud, "I miss my computerrrrrr!"

The next day I picked up the phone and called J, my friend, co-worker and resident computer expert, aka, the man who is holding my computer hostage. He didn't answer. I am sure he must think I am insane because the message I left him sounded like a desperate crack addict: "Hey J, it's me. Um, yeah, so, like it's been a few weeks and I was wondering, like, when you were going to, uh, look at my computer? Yea, umm, so like if it's too much for you? If you don't have enough, like, time? Umm, yea, can you just GIVE IT BACK, I mean, get back to me? Uhh, yea..."

I have yet to hear back from him. My mind is racing. How dare he? How would HE like to go without a computer for a WHOLE MONTH! HE wouldn't like it very much, WOULD HE?! NO HE WOULD NOT!

Does anyone know about recovery programs for computer addicts? Mark my words, if they are not in existence, they soon will be.

My Bible reading these days in Isaiah is all about getting rid of false idols. Hmm, what could it possibly all mean?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Surreptitious Blogger

Psssst! Hey! Over here! It's me! I'm sneaking in a quick blog post from work. It is my only computer connection as of late. Can I just say, I think I was in need of a little vacation from my computer? I have been enjoying the weather, the kids, the beach, and summer in general. Strange to think that the little box sucks up so much of my time. Yes, folks, it's the addict in me. It has to be torn away from me in order for me to stop and smell the roses.

We "harvested" a few green beans from the garden. I bought a cute book on making sock animals and mitten animals. Emi and I are trying our hand at mitten dogs. We had a blast at a 4th of July church picnic with the "world's largest slip 'n slide," lots of food, watermelon, cotton candy and sno-cones. I have almost finished a sock from the Favorite Socks book (Undulating Rib)out of Trekking XXL (shade 107). Oooh, and I have lost 5 lbs. So far. This Friday a wedding. On Saturday it's down to my niece Rosie's for her sweet 16.

But the house remains a mess.

I'm not rushing on that computer. But I'll touch in again soon.